Grand Final Officials


Newcastle Rugby League

First Grade: Joey Butler | Billy Greatbatch, John Taylor | Brett Eyb, Cameron Smith

Reserve Grade: Tom Taylor | Matt Cooper, Cameron Smith | Marchello Laguna, Mitchell Piller

Open Grade: Jake White | Graham Stair, Kassandra McDonald | Marchello Laguna, Mitchell Piller

19's: Brett Eyb | Jake Eyb, Kurt Grogan | Jason Bland, Nathan Hillier

Blue's Tag: Nathan Eveleigh | Brayden Hunt, Jack Fisher | Jason Bland, Nathan Hillier

Newcastle & Hunter Community Rugby League

A Grade: Steve Malone | Greg Ryan, Sean Hynes

B Grade: Damien Callender | Chris Longworth, Ken Weatherall

C Grade: Ash Irvine | Craig Edwards, Michael Almond

D Grade (North): Shane Czemerys | Ross Dowsett, Craig Dick

D Grade (South): Tony Martin | Sam Daley, John Wooderson

Women's Tackle: Ricky O'Connor | Daniel Ebert, Bryce Lucas

Ladies League Tag (A): Tom Lidbury | Nathan Little, Isaac Wild

Ladies League Tag (B): Nathan Hillier | Adrian Malone, Jason Bland

Ladies League Tag (C): Rob Purss | Connor Purss, John Tanielu (Nathan Errington injured)

Junior Rugby League


Newcastle Rugby League

First Grade: Louis Matheson | Dylan Clarke, Kurt Grogan | Nathan Eveleigh, Cameron Smith

Reserve Grade: Tom Taylor | Jake White, Jason Taylor | Steve Malone, Greg Ryan

Open Grade: Graham Stair | Brendan Callender, Kassandra McDonald | Daniel Ebert, Brent Hardy

19's: Brett Eyb | Jake Eyb, Cameron Smith | Nathan Hillier, Tom Lidbury

Blue's Tag: Kurt Grogan | Brayden Hunt, Marchello Laguna | Travis Malone, Jack Fisher

Newcastle & Hunter Community Rugby League

A Grade: Steve Malone | Greg Ryan, Brad Carter

B Grade: Ken Weatherall | Geoff Whiddon, Brent Hardy

C Grade: Tony Martin | Sean Hynes, Shane Czemerys

D Grade (North): Darren McSpadden | Rob Purss, Jack Fisher

D Grade (South): Damien Callender | Tom Lidbury, Nathan Little

Ladies League Tag (A): Travis Malone | Brendan Little, Connor Purss

Ladies League Tag (B): Samantha Carter | Adrian Malone, Tom Phillips

Junior Rugby League


Newcastle Rugby League

First Grade: Tom Aylett | Greg Ryan, Greg Digby | Cameron Smith, Kylie Aylett

Reserve Grade: Tom Taylor | Brendan Callander, Jake White | Brandon Vidler, Will Kirby

19's: Dylan Clarke | Louis Matheson, Brett Eyb | Siohban Wilson, Michael Almond

Ladies League Tag: Kurt Grogan | Marchello Laguna, Mitchell Piller

Newcastle & Hunter Community Rugby League

A Grade: James Flett | Damien Callander, Geoff Whiddon

B Grade: Steve Malone | Nathan Eveleigh, Brandon Vidler

C Grade: Heath Davidson | Mitchell Piller, Shane Czemerys

D Grade: Michael Almond | Geoffrey Keppie-Watson, Darren McSpadden

Ladies League Tag (Division 1): Travis Malone | Brendan Little, Rob Purss

Ladies League Tag (Division 2): Samantha Carter | Daniel Ebert, Nathan Little

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